What is sq *gosq.com jessica s gosq.com md?

The credit card charge SQ *GOSQ.COM JESSICA S GOSQ.COM MD was first recorded on February 22, 2014. It has been flagged as suspicious by our users.

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78% of users have reported this charge as suspicious.

Merchant Information

Merchant 59 Parker Rd. VT. (edit)
Website gosq.com (edit)
Phone Number 47439104 (edit)
Category Click to Add (edit)
Description GOSQ is a website/app that is used to charge credit cards if you don't have the budget to buy a machine and all... So it can easily be a fraud as they only need your credit card number, but it is not necessarily one. Be careful! (edit)
Phone Number


June on October 06, 2015

I was charged over 100.00 and I have no idea who this is. I sure hope I can get it canceled when I call my bank. It was a Visa card. I just got a new card with the chip and already have this problem.

June on October 06, 2015

No. I hope someone can figure it out. I was charged over 100.00

jean on December 04, 2015

i saw a similar charge for me, but different user name and it is LEGITIMATE. I bought sports clothes at a booth at a regatta in Toronto.

John E Hanson on December 08, 2015

Can you tell me what this charge is for on 06/12/15

donna a on December 12, 2015

It is fraud! Cancel your card right away! System was hacked.

Cyrille on December 12, 2015

I was charged a 2.10 by this source. I then remembered it is a way for small sellers (i.e fundraising coffee counter) to charge credit cards. They have an app (I was charged directly from an iPhone). So it can easily be a fraud because anyone can use it, but it was not my case.

Alan on December 16, 2015

There was an unauthorized $99 charge attempted on my card from here. Chase blocked it. It was clearly not me.

Alan on December 16, 2015

Someone tried to use my card at this site. Chase blocked it.

Keith on December 18, 2015

This is normally an App that uses the iPhone to charge your card. In this case, a taxi cab driver had this app and I swiped my card to pay for a taxi ride. Totally legit. But I hate having someone use an iPhone to charge credit cards because of the high risk of stolen information and fraud.

mark donnell on December 21, 2015

what does this charge represent

Dan Shaw on December 29, 2015

Charge was legitimate - we purchased T shirts at a charity event and they billed the charge through PMG PLUS I received an email receipt (from PMG PLUS via square) so was able to verify charge when I received my credit card statement. Couid be a scam but in my case was legitimate.

Robert on January 05, 2016

Mine was a different name but was legitimate. It was from my taxi ride where they hooked up the card slider to their phone to charge me. Just my recent experience.

Ohnshea Mckinney on January 09, 2016

Can u tell me WHT a charge is tht was made on my card on the 8th of ths month? The account shown is sheria wi.

Ohnshea Mckinney on January 09, 2016

Sq*gosq.com sheria wi

Tina on January 17, 2016

Someone from CA tried to charge my visa. Bank of America flagged it and notified me. They cancelled my card and are sending me a new one. Thank God had notification alert on my account!

Mildred Woods on January 18, 2016

SQ6GOSQ.COM LORI HICK ELIZABETHTON.TN charged 75.00 on my Sams Club Master Card !!!!!

Mildred Woods on January 18, 2016


Mildred Woods on January 18, 2016


Alexander Evans on January 19, 2016

I was charged 478.00 on my account when. I didn't even use my card that day. Called the bank and it's still processing. Once it's processed they said call back and submit a claim to them for that amount. This is crazy mines was SQ*GOSQ.COM RUSSELL B GOSQ.COM CA.

Kathy on January 25, 2016

it charged me 700 us dollors this afternoon on 24,Jan. 2016 when i used the credit card to pay for the driver of the taxi...the bank called me and told me it tried to charge me 10 000 the first time and 4000 the second time..but failed. soon the third time 700USD it is done. the driver tokd me my credit card didn't work..he didn't get the money..he leave his car number and phone number..but they all unavailable. i am now asking the local police to help me.

Kelly on January 27, 2016

Fraud... charged my card $481.16. Credit card company could not verify a phone number or the charging company.

CRL on January 30, 2016

Fraud charges of over $800 to SQ *GOSQ.COM ROBERT THOMA August 2015 California Just dealing with identity theft coming to light in December. This is transaction site where they used card they'd received fraudulently.

Megab on February 01, 2016

It's usually a single person charge. I get my haircut at this girls house, and she uses this. If you signed your name on someone's phone, it's probably that charge. Of course, if you haven't, then yes it's probably fraud.

Charles Summer on February 13, 2016

No I do not

Angie on February 18, 2016

This same company tried 4 times to charge $700 on my husband's card. Thankfully our credit union stays in top of this and let us know before they could get it.

Tim Barnett on February 23, 2016

This maybe the name not sure.

Tim Barnett on February 23, 2016

This maybe his name, not sure.

Heather h kang on February 23, 2016

Want to know what this is

Heather h kang on February 23, 2016

Want to know what I use it for

Heather h kang on February 23, 2016


sorry on March 08, 2016

Sorry to tell you this. If you see this charge on your husbands credit card, he is visiting a prostitute (especially if its a female name). The range from $100 to $200 are typically the cost of an hour with a prostitute.

Legit 4 me on March 17, 2016

I had a charge from GOSQ Jessica J and know it was a legit charge from a friend of mine with one of those card readers that connect into their phone, at the end of the tag also had the date I was charged, and no, it was not a prostitute or any such thing... my2cents...

Banker on March 22, 2016

GOSQ.com obviously is the Square which is a device that connects to a phone or tablet. Is it legit? Well, did you spend $100 somewhere? Then it probably is legit. The location and merchant name will not necessarily match up if you were at a fair, self-employer, or At-Home business. I always recommend keeping a register or bank book to know your transactions since the Debit Card is so easy to use and lose track of spending. If you didn't spend $100 anywhere, then it is fraud and you can easily send a dispute in to your bank or credit card. ALWAYS keep tabs on your banking and credit card spending!!

Mary McCarthy on March 23, 2016

It's a charge made via a merchant account app that allows vendors to accept card payments by using a swipe accessorie that connects to their phone. It's a little square, white unit, about the size of a quarter that plugs into their earphone jack. Not knowing how secure the merchants network is, and what they may require as security from the vendors, before selling them a unit, and allowing them to open an account, one could assume anyone could obtain an account and the unit. Now if this is the case, ANYONE you may pass your card to, at a restaurant, etc... could in fact, swipe your card through a personal unit they may have on hand while also using the card to pay for your actual purchase. Food for thought.

Mary McCarthy on March 23, 2016

My suggestion is to check your account immediately after using your card any time it was out of your sight, such as paying at a restaurant, etc... where they take the card from your table, then return it to you with your purchase receipt. Any alternate charges, like from one of these units would immediately appear on your online bank account.

Mary McCarthy on March 23, 2016

My suggestion is to check your account immediately after using your card any time it was out of your sight, such as paying at a restaurant, etc... where they take the card from your table, then return it to you with your purchase receipt. Any alternate charges, like from one of these units would immediately appear on your online bank account.

Iwillhunt Themdown on March 25, 2016

SQ *ITS ON EXTERIORS & gosq.com TN Mar 21, 2016 Charges Credit Card $495.00 Mar 22, 2016 Refunds $495.00 to Credit Card This looked fraudulent. Seemed like phishing so I cancelled my credit card.

Elaine on March 29, 2016

My hairdresser uses this app on her iPhone. Legit charge.

Bret on April 01, 2016

It's most likely legit. My barber shop uses it. The name after sq is the business or individual that made the charge.

Ricardo on April 02, 2016

GOSQ.COM is Square, the inexpensive app most commonly used by merchants to swipe and charge credit cards. They look like little white squares attached to a phone or pad, hence the name. It is not fraudulent, per se, at all, but like any other credit card transaction it could be used fraudulently. When you see a charge like that think if you've been to a coffee shop, independent store or a street merchant that may have used it.

Deanna Lopez on April 08, 2016

It was my scensty dealer!!! lol

linda james on April 14, 2016

What is this

Brandon on April 21, 2016

If you have ever swiped your card with someone using an intuit app or square, that's what it is. I just had this happen to me today. I cancelled my card and everything, then thought it over and over and that what it was. It was at a concession stand at my sons baseball game.

Mark on May 01, 2016

I was perplexed when I saw a SQ*GOSQ.COM charge on my bill and it coincidentally matched a $45.00 restaurant charge just above it on the bill. After several queries, I remembered buying CDs from a concert artist later the same night as the restaurant $45 charge. The concert artist used Square and his iPhone to process charges. His hometown was Natick, MA. I later realized that many artists and touring art fair merchants use this method, and the only clue on the bill is the date and the artist last name which can tax your recall---but turns out to be legitimate. Hard to know if you are being scammed unless you keep good notes ABOUT all iPhone charges with small business vendors. Educating buyers at point of sale could help eliminate some of the false alarms. Self educating about the Square App and the Intuit App, and spreading awareness will help family and friends as well. Then the real cases of fraud on your bill will be easier to sort out.

Jane on May 07, 2016

My charge was legitimate (from a small purchase of a t-shirt purchase that a 'phone type card swiper').

Linda on May 21, 2016

I bought a Cd in Frankfort KY and they charged me

dave ryan on June 03, 2016

this appeared on my bank statement and I have no cl ue w hwere It's a fraud, came from nowhere .

Tes on June 06, 2016

I had a charge from this too. It's from one of those cell phone card readers. It's attached to someones cell phone and you swipe it.

Christine on June 11, 2016

I bought something at a booth at an art fair, it's legit. They used one of those square things on their smart phone.

Gab on June 14, 2016

If you have SQ*GOSQ.COM lynda san half moon bay, it's a fruit seller on the side of the C1 road

Sheryl on June 18, 2016

Mine was ALSO legit. It was a SQUARE account GOSQ and someone's name "JASON" and his last name. It was the taxi I took from a friends house home one night.

Maddy on June 18, 2016

Checking my Discover statement there was only a $30.84 charge but it was fraudulent.

Relaxed on October 24, 2016

My massage therapist uses the little white square for her charges and this it what it shows up as.

Carl on November 09, 2016

I had a charge of 60.31 oct. 7 I did not buy anything

Margaret Barbeau on December 01, 2016

I have just received my M.chg. statement, at which time I was shocked to see a mysterious charge of $186.63 identified as TWO OF WANDSS GOSQ gosq.com PE.. This is definitely a scam as I have NEVER heard of, or delt with a company by this name. This is a total operation of scammers & this charge is absolutely a THEFT. The scammers should be prosecuted!!!

Margaret Barbeau on December 01, 2016

I have just left my message a minute ago...why am I asked to submit again????

Margaret Barbeau on December 01, 2016

How many comments do you want me to make??? This is my 3rd reply in a row, at your request!

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